Remembering 9/11

IMG_9650  I remember it vividly.  Waking up in my beautiful upstairs bedroom, in my newly built log home, in an idyllic setting in the country.  It looked like it was going to be a picture perfect sunny day.  My daughter was a state away attending Bible College and my son was in the United States Navy at the time, (now a US Army Officer) stationed in San Diego, my husband at work. It was just me and the dog getting a lazy, easy start to the day.

I turned on my television to catch up on the news and reached for my phone to call my husband.  As it was ringing, I watched  what was being described as a “second” plane crashing into the second world trade center tower on live television.  As my husband answered I told him what I had just witnessed and could hear him shouting to those around him that something was very wrong.  Indeed.  We mumbled something about talking in a few minutes and both hung up to gather what information we could.  Another plane hit the other tower shortly before.  The newscasters were stating that this could not possibly be a second “accident” and that America had surely been struck by an intentional attack.  Intentional attack….Oh dear God, help us. Tears.

The Pentagon hit.   Possibly the White House next.  Planes “lost” or unaccounted for.  The crash in Pennsylvania. What was happening??????   Planes were grounded.  Phone lines going down.  Fear.  More tears.

Panic and uncertainty ruled the day, none of us knew what, why, how.  We watched our television screens in absolute horror as the unimaginable happened, the towers fell, our hearts sank even lower.  Surely no one could survive that.  How many were in those towers on a normal work day?  How could this happen, and who would do such a thing? Still, the tears.

And for me, all I wanted were my children within arms reach.  I was able to reach my daughter later in the day when the phone lines finally let me through but by then the lines at the gas stations were miles long, and she didn’t want to try to make it home, nor did I particularly want her on the highway alone, not knowing what could happen next.  Were there more attacks coming in the next few days?  I knew she was safe and sound, surrounded by people who would look out for each other if need be. I didn’t like it but it was best if she stayed put, at least overnight. It took several more days before I heard from my son …….long, miserable, days…full of anxious anxiety..Where was he?  Had he been sent somewhere?  What was happening?  The base had been put on immediate lock down, but he was safe.  Tears.

Like many Americans, by the end of this long, agonizing day, we were completely spent.  With worry, with broken hearts, with sadness in the very pit of our soul, and just sick.   We went to the only place we could think of for comfort – our church.  Gathered there were others who came seeking some comfort, encouragement, crying out to God for answers and comfort for those directly affected by the tragedies of this day.  Many more tears….

As bad as the day had been for those of us who had been mere spectators to these tragedies, there were thousands whose lives were changed in those instants forever.  Loved ones lost.  Lives that would never be the same.  Hearts that would ache for all time. I could not fathom it.  Who among us could?  The scenes were devastating.  Raw.  Hard to watch,  Even harder to live. Seemingly impossible – a river of tears…..

And yet, amazing stories of real life heroes who rose to the occasion in the middle of the terror.   Firefighters.  Police.  Doctors and nurses.  Ordinary citizens doing what was necessary.  Whatever was needed.  Risking their lives for strangers.  Fellow Americans.   People took care of each other, took them in, fed them, clothed them, comforted them.  Cried for, and with them, when their loved ones never came home that dark day.   Scenes and stories that made you realize what good there was in people, and how proud you were to be an American that day.  Tears, tears, tears…. 

We have seen evil in the world prior to this dark day,  to be sure.  Evil is roaming this earth looking opportunity to destroy, discourage and kill.  It rears it ugly head in many forms, and we may find ourselves facing and reliving another day like this, perhaps even yet during our lifetime.


But hope prevails!!!!


Read the Book.

Evil does not win, nor will it ever!!!!

Hold your loved ones close..EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY……




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2 Responses to Remembering 9/11

  1. Jan says:

    Thank you Terry, very well written.

  2. Cherie says:

    Another well written blog entry. Love you!!

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