Life happens…………….

So here’s the deal.

I’ve been busy.  Yup.  Probably just like all of you have been.  With what you may ask?  Life.

That’s it.  Just life.

Selling one home, buying, gutting, remodeling, and now, adding on to another one.  A much smaller one.

Taking some road trips in the old RV.  Enjoying the outdoors.

Spending most waking moments with the little love of mine, my grandson.  At least one of them.  Sadly, one of them is clear across the country, but he is just as dear none-the-less.

Keeping track and in line the hubby.  He needs lots of day to day attention.  Always.  (Love ya honey!!)

The disbelief, sadness, and grief of losing a dear, dear pet, our beloved Golden, Esther.  She was a near perfect dog in our estimation, tho our lives have held spots for many wonderful dogs, she certainly holds the top spot.

The introduction of a new fur baby to our home.  Our little chocolate lab, Princess.  Named so because my little grandson, upon gazing at her photo before we picked her up, turned to me one night in bed and said, “Granma, she looks just like a princess!!” – and so she is.  Back to square one with the training, the walks, the nibbles, the incessant activity of a 3 year old and a new best friend.

Growing older.  Yup, it’s happening.  More aches and pains, yet nothing major to complain about.  New vigor for exercise, eating healthily and yoga classes with the hubby.  Who would’a thought?

Remembering to keep in touch with dear friends who live away.  That those bonds can’t be broken by time, distance or just plain stuff.

Watching a super moon, the stars, the waves, all of God’s creations I am so blessed to see, hear and experience.

There’s bread to bake, cookies to mix up, jam to cook, beans to can.  Life is good.

As I head into these years I realize more and more that nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important that the people we are blessed to have in our lives.  I want to cherish every single minute, live every single minute, take it all in.  Because believe me, it is over in the blink of an eye.  

So whatever life is dealing you right now, stop. Take a deep breath.  Remember to look into your loved one’s eyes, hold their hand, hug them longer and more often.  Tell them every single time you have the chance how much you love them.  

Hold them close and never ever let go…….

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One Response to Life happens…………….

  1. Cherie says:

    Very well written.

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