It’s all about the passion……

No.  This is not X Rated!!  I’m not speaking of that kind of passion!

I’m talking about the passion we have when we are excited and intensely involved in what we are doing – in other words, we are passionate about it.

There are many things we can passionate about.  For some, it’s cooking or gardening.  Some are over-the-top passionate about fashion or some sort of collection they have.   For some, their career is what makes their day!  Most all of us are passionate about our families and our beliefs.

I started thinking about this after a conversation with a friend the other day.  I was particularly passionate about a subject and they just didn’t see it my way!  Can you imagine??!!   My passionate outburst regarded the state of our country – pointedly – the state of the government.  I admit, I am passionate about politics, our laws, and most importantly this country that I love so much.  My family, along with many others, has a history of service to this country ie long ago relatives, as well as father, son, and husband have devoted a period of their lives to this country during war time.  My son still is.  He is a career Army man – and I couldn’t be prouder of him.  They all sacrificed much, going to foreign lands, doing and seeing things that I shutter to imagine.  They left their families, their loved ones, and their homes for this country.  So yes, I am passionate about it.  Which got me to thinking…….

As a Christian, I know that God is in control.  He has all of this under his watchful eye.  But he has also given man free well, which when left to our own devices, can sometimes be disastrous.  So what IS our role here?

The afore mentioned friend, prefers to dwell only on the good, the happy and the joy – and isn’t that a wonderful thing to do?  To see the good in people rather than the bad?  To assume the best outcome instead of worrying about the “what if’s”???  Absolutely that is a wonderful place to live.  To come and go in your day and have everyone in contact with you say what a happy optimistic person you are?   Yes indeed it is.  But there is a big big world out there.

This is how I was imagining it –  Yes, I could hang in my own little bubble – my own little happy every day bubble – and I DO think that is a great place to be!  But I also realize that beyond my own little universe, there is much more…..Because who, really, am I reaching?   If I’m preaching to the choir so to speak?   Are we not called upon in this world to be light?  To be a voice for the downtrodden, the helpless, those who are being mistreated?  Those whose voice is silenced out of convenience?  A voice against moral injustices and and just plain wrongs???

God doesn’t need little old me to “fix” the world.  But He did call me.  He called me to be His hands, His voice, His conscience to a world full of darkness.  A world where morality is slipping into the abyss.

And were I to just go gleefully along in my own little world without standing up, speaking out, or  (to use a military term) putting boots to the ground, am I really, really making a difference in this world?

I want to be passionate and involved without being judgmental or mean.  And I realize at times I may have seemed both, not intentionally, but because my passion got the better of me.  I’m working on that.  I want to be a passionate messenger – in the right way!!!

So go find it.  Find YOUR passion.  Then spread it around – passionately!!!

And as far as that passion for your loved ones…..hold them close and never let go!!!!

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One Response to It’s all about the passion……

  1. Wonderful job my passionate friend!!

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