A love like no other……

So here’s what I’m thinking……….


Today is the day we celebrate love – or as Joe Biden says, the 3 letter word for the day –

L-O-V-E…………:)  Sorry, I just couldn’t resist!!


If we are lucky as we pass through this life, we will find love.  Some of us find love in a spouse, a child, a grandchild, our God.  If we are really lucky – we have all of those….


I’m lucky.  I have a spouse that I love dearly, children that I would give my life for, and grandchildren that make my world.  But the rock of my life, the foundation of my life, is my God.  The God.  The one and only God.


I have this God in my life because I was blessed with two amazing parents who nurtured me, taught me, and showed me in their every day lives  who and what God is.  They saved me in every way.


None of us know what our lives would be if things had been different, if a different path had been taken.  My path could have been different.  But God had it all under control.  He had my parents picked out for me before I was a whisper.  He had ordained those two amazing people to come together to provide a home for me. To be in that place, at that exact moment this child was born into this universe.


My precious parents have gone home to Heaven, rejoicing together in His glory – but I miss them here every day.  They were priceless and I loved them so.


My prayer is that someday when I’m gone from this earth,  my children, my grandchildren  remember me with the love and tenderness that I remember my parents.   And I pray that they saw in me the relationship with God that would make them desire that in their lives, that our family would be forever bound together by His love……


If you’re lucky today, reach out and love on your valentines, whoever, wherever they are…..And no matter how near or far, hold your loved ones close and never let go……

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