Out with the old…..in with the new…..

So here’s what I’m thinking…….

It’s that time of year again, the beginning that is, when folks like to make what we commonly call “resolutions” for the new year.  Oh most of us have done this at one time or another, vowing to do such things as eat better, lose weight, exercise, clean out the attic, get rid of the clutter, go on that dream vacation, etc, etc, etc.  Some actually get done.  A lot do not. 

We started our new year out with a trip to see daughter Dana who purchased a lovely new home outside Houston last fall.  This was our first trip down there since then, and we were anxious to see this place we had only seen pics of.  We opted to forego the trip in my beautiful luxury car and instead hopped into the pickup truck.  Why you ask?   Well, we wanted to bestow upon her and her newly acquired space, some “stuff” that we had here in our attic, things that had been in David’s family and we wanted her to have.  Among these treasures were a porcelain nativity set, very well worn but still exquisitely beautiful, along with the crude homemade creche that David’s father has fashioned himself.  in fact, one of the only things David could ever remember his father making.  We had set this nativity up in our home for over 26 years every Christmas, and we will miss it, but know it is in good hands and just where it should be; as well as some wonderful handwritten notes and memorabilia from David’s parents, including war letters, and David’s hospital bill from when he was born.  It cost about $95 to have him enter this world in Chicago back in l946!!   Also making the trip was a bed, complete with the original sales receipt from l935.  This bed is solid walnut.  Solid.  No filler, no fiberboard.  Solid Walnut.  As the receipt states, this bed, along with the companion chest and dresser,  a davenport (“sofa” for you youngsters) and a chair, cost exactly $166.83.  Yup that’s right.  $166.83.  The bed was $20.00, the dresser $25.00, the chest $20.00, the davenport was $65.75 and the chair $39.75 for a grand total of $170.50 minus a 5% discount,  plus tax.  The thing is, this bed, and two chests, are still in perfect condition.   Furniture that is 77 years old, used by at least 4 members of the family that I am aware of, moved, moved, and moved again, and still in perfect condition!!  The dining room chairs I bought 4 years ago brand new don’t even look new!!!!

Sometimes, old isn’t worth throwing out.  Sometimes old is better.  Sometimes new isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The second trip of my new year found me traveling north to Alaska to meet my precious new grandson.  He’s still very new.  And very perfect.  And oh the joy to see my son with his son.  It goes straight to a mother’s heart.  There were tears.  Lots of joyful tears!!  And tears of utter despair to leave him there…. New, in this case, was perfection.  New was amazing.  New was a gift from God.  Sometimes new is just the ticket.

Life is a mixture of old and new isn’t it?   “Old” grandbabies – “New” grandbabies!!  Old friends.  New friends.  Old hometowns.  New surroundings.  Old habits.  New better ones.  Old “stuff” and some new “stuff”…..and all of it priceless………

This time, this “new” time we have been given is a gift.  Full of anticipation!!  So much to see, do, explore, learn…. don’t miss a minute of it.  Be present.  Be thankful.  Be mindful.  Do some of those things you have vowed to do and see what happens!!  And whatever you do, hold your loved ones close and never let go………



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One Response to Out with the old…..in with the new…..

  1. In with the old, and in with the new! Good blog! Love you my friend!

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