Time well spent……..

So here’s what I’m thinking……

There is nothing that will bring life’s priorities into focus quicker than spending your days with a 2 year old. A busy 2 year old with energy. Lots of it. Put all that energy into a room with a 60 year old grandmama and you get quite the mix.

This particular 2 year old, genius that he is, is taking his time speaking the english language, although he is quite fluent in babble, with a few discernible words and phrases thrown in periodically for good measure. I have discovered that I too, apparently speak two languages, as I find myself understanding his language of babble quite often….we do ok at any rate….

It takes quite a bit of energy to keep up with a 2 year old, as anyone who has one or cares for one knows. In fact, I did my own private, albeit unscientific study on this. Here’s what I found. The stamina and energy required by a 60 year old grandmama to keep up with an active 2 year old boy is roughly equivalent to bicycling across the country on a 3 speed bike, barefoot, with two flat tires, pulling a trailer filled with 50 pounds of rocks. Yup. Sounds about right. After all, there is much to do……..

Hair combing, teeth brushing, face washing, toy playing, book reading, “mowing (or sometimes substituted for vacuuming) the house – with his toy lawnmower which he pushes surely 10 miles per day, all the while laughing with glee as the “motor” roars loudly – you could actually compare it to a blender full of ice in fact – breakfast eating, snack eating, and the most fun of all – playing with his best bud – our dog Esther. Esther is a golden retriever, and she surely will have multiple rewards in doggie heaven, as she is most certainly the most lovable, kind, patient dog to walk the face of the earth. My 2 year old grandson uses her for a multitude of fun loving activities including – but not limited to – ear checking, mouth checking, hair pulling, tail pulling, riding, teasing, ball playing, stick chasing, and of course their favorite, just relaxing together with grandson resting on top of Esther, as if she were his personal pillow. Oh the fun they have!!! And this is all just before morning nap time…..NAP TIME!!!!! Time for grandmama to……do the laundry, check the email, make phone calls, make the beds, clean the kitchen, plan for lunch and dinner, do her crafts, and of course clear a path for round 2….and maybe, just maybe, a cup of coffee or a glass of iced tea??????? ……never mind!!! We are up and at it again – round 2 here we come!!!!!

Of course, any grandmama worth her salt also realizes these chaotic days are also filled with: squeals of delight at some new discovery, cuddle time while reading, smiles that could melt the polar caps, eyes that glow with a life and mischief all their own, and of course, the best, those hugs and kisses. Who can possibly get enough of those?? Not me….Those are what makes this grandmama’s heart turn to pure mush…To have a child crawl up on your lap and wrap those little arms around you and hold on tight is surely a glimpse of heaven……

If I could have told my younger self anything, it would be to chill. The house doesn’t have to be spic and span all the time, dinners don’t have to be gourmet, who cares if there is laundry to do. There are much more important things to pour yourself and your time into. Like your babies…or now, your grand babies..

God certainly saved the best for our later years if we are blessed to be grandparents. There is nothing like it. I treasure every second of it, no matter how bone weary I may get. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Period. And oh how lucky am I that I have another grandson on the way – who will be making his appearance in just a few short weeks!! I am ecstatic!!!!! I think I better double up on the vitamins…..there’s much yet to be done…….lucky, lucky me……..

Don’t forget……hold your loved ones close and never let go……

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One Response to Time well spent……..

  1. Beth Ann says:

    Amen! Sounds very similar to my days with E.J. the 14 month old.

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