So here’s what I’m thinking……..

A couple of weeks ago I hit the BIG 60……wow, how in the world did I get here?????

Don’t you remember when we were kids and we thought our parents were surely ancient???? And they were probably 30-40 years old!!! Anyone in their 60’s, we thought with our vast wisdom, surely had one foot in the grave already!!!! — well the joke’s on us isn’t it???!!

Of course, I think that my generation has stayed quite a bit more active than our parents. For instance, my husband and I regularly take walks, ride bicycles, swim, – and that all time workout – run after our 2 year old grandson!! I do not ever remember my parents, either one of them even ON a bicycle!! I don’t think they ever even had one!!

Of course, diet wise, this country as a whole, is not particularly healthy, due to our want for food that has been processed into oblivion and unrecognizable. I am hoping this “trend” is heading where it belongs – to the trash bin. Anyone who isn’t looking for and purchasing unprocessed, farm raised food these days just isn’t trying very hard. (McDonalds will be glad you’re a hold out.) I personally long for the days when people grew most everything and what they didn’t grow themselves, they bartered with their neighbors for…….perhaps I am just romanticizing it, because it was for sure, lots and lots of work, no doubt. But wasn’t life just simpler then??? When everyone in the family worked together, and then gathered together at the end of the day on the porch visiting with a tall glass of iced tea? – Instead of our busy, out of control lives now? Where we grab dinner on the run on our way to the next meeting, the next appointment, the next whatever??? We have truly lost something.

Back to the 60 thing….

I don’t know what happened……I don’t feel 60…….well at least not most of the time anyway! Sure, I have those days when I feel more like 80 – when the old muscles won’t cooperate or the hands can’t open a jar. But for the most part, I can scarcely believe that is my age!!! I remember my childhood like it was yesterday, it was pretty much idyllic……then on to school, my first job, and of course, the highlight of my life, the birth of my two beautiful children.

I’ve for sure had my times of bad decisions, stupid actions and just bad luck. But overall, the good FAR outweighs the bad……any day of the week and twice on Sunday!!!

Age is just a number, that is true. It is also true, that even though we may always choose to eat the right foods, exercise, rest, and be stress-free, that these bodies will age, will change, will wear out at some point.

I’m enjoying my time. I’m trying to make the most of every single day that I’m blessed to be on this earth, sharing it with my family and friends. There is still so much to see, so much to do, so much to learn. Our time here is but the blink of an eye…

So whatever age you find yourself today….embrace it…..enjoy it…….cherish it…..hold your loved ones close and never let go……

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