Anybody got a rope?????

So here’s what I’m thinking………

Rope – for a lot of people, it conjures up visions of rugged looking men with cowboy hats and boots wrangling cattle or wild horses on a big open ranch with beautiful mountains in the background, with miles upon miles of fence….oh and throw in an old pickup or two out by the barn…….or is that just me???? I can see it now……….

There are lots of types of rope, both literal and metaphorically speaking……big ropes, little ropes, gigantic ropes, plain old rope, and colored rope…….then of course the ones we need to tie a knot in……..

Like crochet rope (yarn, if you will)…….I have recently taken up, for a second time in my lifetime, the art of crochet. But let me make a disclaimer right here and now, I don’t think I have made it to the “art” part of this process yet!! So far, I’m fairly proficient at dishcloths, and scarves!!! Can anybody say “Christmas presents”?????? My sweet sister-in-law got me going on dishcloths a few weeks back on our visit to Colorado – God bless her patience!!! I’m hoping to get to the “art” part, where I can produce beautiful hats, sweaters, throws, etc…..but you know what they say – practice makes perfect!! I decided to do this, because as we have already established, my almost 60 year old hands aren’t what they used to be, so I thought that this exercise would be good for them……and I have to say, that after some help from shall we say, pharmaceuticals, it may just be working!!!

Then of course, there are the larger ropes, such as the rugged ranch hands previously discussed here….they sure do work those ropes!!! I don’t imagine you could run a ranch without your trusty rope…..

Ropes are handy around the every day household as well – the ones we use to truss the Thanksgiving turkey full of stuffing, or the beautiful pork loin…….as well as tying things down – you know like furniture – to keep it from flying out the back of the truck bed as you’re going down the road and you see it happen but are terrified about what your wife is going to say when you get home and she realizes that you’ve not only NOT brought rope to a moving party – but that not all of the furniture you so carefully placed in the back of the truck, did not make it home – because why???? YOU DIDN’T BRING THE ROPE!!!!!!! Yes indeed – this actually happened, and no, the wife was most certainly not happy….enough said…….except for guess what, said husband now has rope……

Then there are the GIGANTIC ropes such as the ones we see when the big ships tie up to the harbor – the are IMMENSE!!! I had never seen a rope as large as that in my life!!! They secure and steady the ships until they set sail for another journey…….

Then, there are the metaphorical ropes – you know the ones, the ropes we tie a knot into and hang on for dear life – even when the rope has been worn down to a thread – we talk about “hanging on by a thread..”

Who among us hasn’t been there??? Hanging by a thread I mean??? There are instances in life that we go through and we just don’t see how we can go on……..and just when we think we have hung on to that last thread as long as we possibly can……….we breath a sigh of relief because we finally realize that our tiny thread is attached to THE GIGANTIC ROPE!!!! The gigantic rope that is secure and steady – ready to prepare us for yet another journey…because yes, they will come…..those moments in life that we need that rope, that knot, that thread to cling to……but also coming is the unbelievable joy, contentment, and love that we can continue to experience on this journey called life…….Here’s hoping that for you and yours there are many more of those kinds of moments……..hold your loved ones close and never let go………

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