Extraordinary moments in ordinary days…..

So here’s what I’m thinking……..

“Extraordinary”, according to Webster…..”beyond what is usual, regular, exceptional, noteworthy, remarkable”…….

Our Pastor spoke a while back on going through the ordinary days to be ready for the extraordinary….it got me thinking…….

Do any of us really stop and take note of the “extraordinary” sights, sounds, and happenings in our daily lives….the ones that are buried in the “ordinary” days?  You know those days I speak of – the ones that  sometimes feel like they flow together like a river with no beginning and no end?  Those days that we sleepwalk through, going about our business without really being present?  There are so many “extraordinary” moments in our days…….

Did you wake up and jump out of bed this morning? – How “extraordinary” that would seem to someone tethered to their hospital bed by machines that are keeping them alive; or the person who literally cannot “get up”, but rather is destined to a life in a wheelchair……You lived an “extraordinary” moment if you got up to greet the day today.

What about the fact that you were able to walk into your very own kitchen, reach for any number of food and drink options for your morning meal?  Do you know how “extraordinary” that must seem to a mother who is desperate to feed her children – with absolutely nothing in her cupboards?  Can you only imagine the sinking, gut-wretching feeling she must have?……..If you had breakfast this morning, you experienced something “extraordinary”….

What about the fact that you got up, ate, and drove your car to a job this morning so that you are able to purchase food, clothing, and housing for yourself and your family?  Imagine the father searching endlessly for a job to provide for his family, only to be turned down again and again…..Did you go to work today?  If so, you experienced an “extraordinary” blessing.

Even more insideous “extraordinary” moments await us each and every day…….the sun rising, the flowers blooming, the grass growing, the smiles of your loved ones, kindness extended by a stranger, the fact that countless men and women willingly volunteer to put their lives on the line for you and I every single day – the soldiers, the policemen and women, firefighters, etc., the amazing miracle of birth, and The Hope in death.

Every single minute of life is an “extraordinary” moment to be cherished, shared, and thankful for.  Take time out of your busy day to be still and notice them…………hold your loved ones close and never let go…..




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2 Responses to Extraordinary moments in ordinary days…..

  1. Jan says:

    Well said my friend. A great reminder to us all.

  2. David says:

    Where did this person come from? Is this really my wife? Do you like Pina Colada’s?

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