It’s me again………..

View from the whaaaaat??????


So here’s what I’m thinking……you know how when  you cook, say a pancake, and after the first side is done, you “flip” it to cook the other side?????   Well, that’s me….No I’m not saying I’m a pancake……but I am on the “flip”side of life, having already “cooked” the first side – i.e. childhood, teen years, collage, marriage, motherhood, PTA, endless soccer and volleyball games, then kids off to college etc, etc, etc…….so now, I’m doing the “flip side” – i.e. empty nest, my 6th decade soon approaching, grey hair, mid-life bulge, arthritic hands, a husband dreaming of retirement – and – (Don’t you just LOVE it when God saves some of the best for last???!!!)  grandparentdom!!!!!!!  Now don’t get me wrong, this blog is not entirely centered on being a grandmama – I have plenty to say about all sorts of topics – but I absolutely reserve right to unabashedly go on and on to anyone within hearing (or in this case – reading) distance about what is surely God’s most amazing child – my grandson – that is of course, until HBT makes his entrance in December – and then I’ll have even more bragging to do!!!


There are blogspots galore telling us how to do things, as well as how we should think and live.  This is not one of those blogs.  These are just the – hopefully – remotely at least, interesting musings of someone who has traveled this road and found life to be simply amazing.  And since I am approaching the big 60 – I thought it  only right that I jot this all down now, before I get either too feeble, or forgot all the brilliant things I surely have to say.  I don’t see any subject as off base…I’ll pretty much have an opinion on most everything, as those who know me best will attest to!  (much to the chagrin of my family!!)


I’ve had a wonderful life so far, and God has blessed me beyond what I ever deserved….I hope some of you will come along for the ride and maybe even relate to some of the things we will cover here……..


One of my favorite pieces is from Norma Cornett Marek titled “If Tomorrow Never Comes” …….and who among us know what tomorrow holds?  So if you need to make amends with someone – do it today; if you forgot to tell your family how much you love them today – do it now; if someone has done you wrong – forgive them today; hold your loved ones close and never let go……..





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5 Responses to It’s me again………..

  1. Joyce White says:

    Terry thanks for starting this blog I am always looking forward to your post and also the other writtings you do in the newspaper……

  2. Beth Ann says:

    Have marked this blog in my favorites, look forward to reading more

  3. Pat goebel says:

    Terry, that was beautiful. But I”VE GOT TO KNOW ——- how do you hide stuff things so well, like mid-life bulge and grey hair?????

  4. CherieKT says:

    Terry – this was a wonderful read! I’m so glad you are doing this. Love you bunches.

  5. Linda O says:

    Hey, Terry, enjoyed this a lot. You have a way with the words. But I must say I would rather get the words in person. Where does the time go?? Let’s shop soon..

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